Friday, June 21, 2013


I have always had a knack for learning lessons the hard way.  And in May, I learned that if you run four miles  once a week then every Saturday run one more mile than you did the Saturday before, you can finish a half marathon...and get really close to a personal record (darn side stitch got me at mile 13!).  So, yeah, that was good to know.  But did you also know that this lack of running and lack of at least decent cross training can also lead to patellar tendonitis?  Yeah.  That's not so awesome.

My racing in started on April 28 with a 10 miler, then two more 10-mile long runs followed by a half marathon on May 19, and a 10k on May 27.  After that I took a much needed three week break to heal my achy knee and feet and ankles.

This week I am "easing" back into it.  I have another 10 mile race on Labor Day, a couple of fun 5k races and another half marathon in October.  This time, I am committed to the cross training.  And by "committed" I mean my orthopedic surgeon said that if I, "don't get in the gym and do SOMETHING other than run, then I am not a committed runner and will never be able to do this for the long term because it will ruin my legs."  Ok.  That's all I needed to hear! YIKES!!

Our air quality has been really poor so I have been hitting the treadmill a little more than I'd actually like to.  But at least I got two shorter runs in.  And two other cross training workouts that included an eliptical and a spin bike, each followed by some circuit strength training.

I know it's only been a week of effort but I feel really good.  Like "running five miles on Saturday will be pretty easy" good.  I feel stronger and faster than I did in May.  Maybe I just needed a little rest to recharge the batteries and heal my legs.  BRING. IT. ON!!

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  1. Everyone thinks runners, well run....but I have learned that if you expect to run, you have to cross train, so it is not just lacing up a pair of shoes. Not a personal learning as I am not a runner, but have watched my DIL really commit to being a runner and all the effort she puts into it.

    Your efforts and commitment is already paying off, so you go girl.