Friday, June 28, 2013

Water Bug

Bryan loves water as much as I do.  Splash Day at school was a huge success.  Bryan's classmates hated the water so he got the table to himself.  As the story goes, Nuggs was very disappointed that he couldn't climb into/onto the water table.  According to his teacher, they just wanted to know if he'd like the water before they have him get in the kiddie pool.  While his classmates sat in the shade and cried, my kid laughed and splashed in the water.

Starting next week, he gets to "swim" with the bigger kids!

We really aren't surprised by Nuggs' reaction to water... do you remember this? Sometimes I forget how far we've come!


  1. He looks so cute playing in the water. Sorry we don't have a flat bottom boat for him. We do, however, have a kiddy pool. Hope it is warm the second week of July!!

  2. It is water, it is warm , he is a boy....if only there was dirt!