Friday, October 21, 2011

Cause and Effect

Karma.  The Buddhist/Hindu philosophy that the sum of a person's actions decides their fate.  If you really think about it, may religions/cultures have their own version of Karma.  An eye for an eye.  Do unto others... you get the point.  It's a philosophy that is deep rooted in our society but that is too often ignored. 

For years, I have tried to make regular deposits into my Karma Bank.  You know, doing something helpful for a stranger and expecting nothing in return.  I can't tell you how many cars I have jump started in airport parking lots.  I stopped counting at 12.   And that's just one example.  I like to help people. Friends and strangers alike.

I guess you'd like for me to get to the point so here goes.  Maternity leave is already stressing me out.  I love my job, but the company's continued growth and our department's constant reorganization has put all of is in a position of working in a silo.  I don't mind on most days.  In fact, my inner control freak likes it this way.  But when I think about going on maternity leave, it's worrisome that there is nobody on my team that has any clue what I do every day and who I am doing it for.  And vise versa.

Until today.  About six months ago, a woman from a different department at the company transferred to our team and we were glad to have her. I really like her.  Personally, she's a lot of fun to be around. Professionally, she's a brilliant strategic bank marketing mind.  Technically, well, let's just say she struggles a little with the technology we use to do our jobs.  It's been a challenge for her.  And in all honesty, she hasn't exactly been set up for success.  We have no training procedures in place and the projects we do, we just do, we don't document HOW to do them. Her learning curve has been steep with no sign of summit.  I can only imagine how stressful that must be for her (I am going to call her T).

T called me this morning, very upset and disappointed that she is having trouble finding projects to work on and feels like when she does find a project, it's a struggle to figure it out.  I think she was just venting on a bad day.  But that's when I felt like the heavens had opened and were shining a bright light on this HUGE opportunity for me and T.

I have a call in to my boss and am very excited about my idea/plan.  It's a win-win.  I see no down side to this. In approximately 6 months, somebody is going to have to manage my clients for about 6 weeks while I try to acclimate to motherhood.  Everyone on my team, with the exception of T, is bogged down and crazy-busy with their own clients.  I need someone with a lighter work load that will have time to learn the ins-and-outs of my clients and some of the ridiculous projects I do for them.  Holy cow! I had her on the phone!  Not only have I found the perfect person to fit in with my clients and cover for me, but I have found a way to get T some additional training on a wide-array of projects over the next 6 months. 

I feel like all of those deposits into my Karma Bank just paid of...and in gold too!  If you can believe this, T's sister just bought a house (it's under construction now) in Highlands Ranch and will be moving here in May.  Mid to late May.  T has offered to come out and stay with her sister and help her get settled.  Oh, and transition the clients back to me at that time.  I can't imagine a better solution for either of us.  Can you?

Thanks, Karma.


  1. WOW. Were the karma gods looking down on you. I hope your boss sees it that way too. I think he will. Can't wait to hear more about T.

  2. This is GREAT news...especially if you were already worrying about Maternity leave! You will be happy to check that particular stresser off your "holy S*** Im having a baby and I am so stressed out" list ;)
    It sounds like a perfect fit!!