Monday, September 12, 2011


We have been DirecTV subscribers for years now.  Sure there have been stints with Cable from time to time, but we always come back to DirecTV.  And the remote control is always the same.  It's at the point now where I can, without looking down or turning on a light, navigate through the guide, my list of recoded programs, and the movie channels in the dark.

Operating that remote control is no different than any other repetitive chore that I've been doing for years.  It's as easy as making the bed, doing my hair and driving a car.  It just happens with little thought. 

We returned home late Saturday night from our week-long vacation in Florida.  Yesterday morning there was laundry and grocery shopping to be done before vegging out in front of the TV for some last minute relaxing before getting back to the daily grind.

It was great to have my familiar remote in my hand as I navigated from channel to channel and caught up on my recorded programs.  But my remote was sluggish,  I mean REALLY sluggish.  I was driving me nuts.  Then I realized that while it had a vacation from my hands, it's  batteries hadn't been recharged (or in this case replaced) in a very long time.  That poor thing was a burned out as I had been.

So, after replacing the batteries I sat back, flipped channels and thought to myself, "I guess we all needed our batteries recharged from time to time." 

It's good to be home, but it's even better to have fresh perspective and recharged batteries. 


  1. Recharged batteries, that sounds nice. I know you had a relaxing vacation. I think I could use one of those.

  2. I wish I had batteries to instantly recharge or replace. That would be easier than eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep!

    I hope the vacation was all you wanted.

    As a side note, we were just guests at two different Hampton Inns and you are so right about their great bedding.