Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A letter to fruit

Dear Fruit,
I love you.  I mean REALLY love you.  And not just the you in pies (although, I really love that version of you too!).  I have decided that I could probably live on you, fruit, as well as bread, cheese and peanut butter. 

Earlier this week I bought a bag of you in the form of clementines.  You are perfect and juicy and sweet and easy to peel.  Can one really ask for more than that in you?  Yep. One can.  Seedless. 

When your grapes have seeds, I can eat them.  They are bitter, but edible.  When your clementines have seeds they are bitter and really crunchy and one really shouldn't eat them (I am making that up.  Maybe what I mean is that I WON'T eat them).  When each of your clementine sections has 2 ginormous seeds, not only do I have to pick them out, but you are totally gypping me on the amount of deliciousness you usually provide. 

So, in conclusion, oh loveable fruit.  Please ask your packagers to label you appropriately.  There's nothing worse than buying you "seedless" only to find out you are full of seeds.

You R. Whatyoueat


  1. Ditto Lisa, you make me laugh,and I love that.

    But fruit, I know I don' t eat enough of it, my salvation is tomatoes. Good thing they are both fruit and vegetable, low in calories, sugar and fat.