Friday, March 1, 2013


I don't notice Bryan gaining weight.  For me, it's like adding a feather to the stack every day.  As he gets bigger, I get stronger and so gaining a pound in a month isn't really noticed in our daily activities.  Except when I carry that infant carrier/car seat in to school every day.

What I have noticed is that he's freaking heavy when I lug him around in that thing.And to make matters worse, his feet hang over the edge a little so pulling  him in and out of the seat while it's still attached in the car usually results in tangled feet, a bumped head and a few teas.  I think I have a chronic lump on the back of my head from all the bumps.  He laughs at me every time.  He has an odd sense of humor right now...the tears are mine!

Earlier this week, I got an email from Babies R Us informing me they were having a one-day cyber sale offering 20% off the brands that NEVER go on sale like Britax and BOB.  I already have the BOB stroller, but I've have the Britax Marathon car seat on my radar for about six months.  It comes highly recommended by a few of my friends and gets some of the highest safety ratings from Consumer's Report.  Imagine my delight when I learned I could save 20% on the purchase I was planning to make in two months if I did it RIGHT NOW!

So we did it.  We are now the proud owners of a big-boy, airplane compliant, really huge, rear-or front-facing, honest to goodness car seat.  The kind you don't prop in a shopping cart. The kind you have to wake your kid up to get him out of.  And Chris installed it this morning.

Bryan made his first trip to school in his big-boy car seat this morning.  And I think he loved it!  He babbled and giggled until the magic road sign that makes him fall asleep made him fall asleep.  I guess that means he likes it!  I'll post a picture this afternoon.

I think the next parental milestone for me will be the day I decide I don't have to take a bottle and the formula upstairs with me at night, just in case he gets up. Maybe next week.  


  1. Bryan graduated to a big boy seat! Yipee!! Airplane compliant means you need to buy a ticket. Bet you won't be doing that.

  2. We all love a sale, bonus that this one was right on time to fill your needs.