Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We are almost there

The one year mark.  So much has changed in a year.  The fact that I have locks on my kitchen cabinets makes me giggle a little.  I feel like I am growing along with a similar pace.  The things I used to worry about before I let roll off my shoulders now.  Here's a short list of the things that stressed me out six months ago:

  1. Is Bryan eating enough
  2. Is he developmentally average
  3. Is the floor clean enough
  4. Is everything clean enough
  5. I am sweaty...I shouldn't hold him
  6. Is he sleeping enough
  7. Am I doing this right
Here's my take on that list today:

  1. He ate. And pushed the bottle/spoon/food away.  Good enough.
  2. He's keeping up with the Jones' in his daycare class. Good enough for me!
  3. Is the floor dirtier at home than at daycare? If you can't see dirt/debris/dog hair, it's clean enough. I vacuum once a week.
  4. Yes. Everything is clean enough. 
  5. Yep. I am sweaty. Put a long sleeved t-shirt on and get over it. He'll learn to appreciate what I did to get sweaty.
  6. If he sleeps until morning and takes a nap during the day, he's sleeping enough. He'll let me know when he's tired.
  7. Who knows what "right" is, and who gets to be the judge of that?  Dumber people than me have raised perfectly wonderful children.  
Overall, I have an extremely happy, generally healthy 12-month old baby boy.  Kids in daycare get sick.  But better now when attendance doesn't matter than when he's 5 and it does.  In 12 months, that kid has had 6 ear infections, several colds, croup, influenza a, gastroenteritis, 2 throat infections (non-strep) and one weird virus that just caused a fever.  That's enough.  I also had all of those things (but only 2 ear infections, and bronchitis twice).  We hear that year two is much easier on the pediatrician co-pay budget.  Here's hoping!  

The best part of all of this.  Bryan has a very keen sense of what he wants and what he does NOT want.  It sure makes our life easier to not have to guess at so much stuff.  And that kid laughs at everything.  Is there any better sound in the world than the laughter of a child?  


  1. Laughing kids IS the best sound! You have reached a milestone of joy, laughter, and tears. My prayer for all of you is that the first 2 will continue to out number the third.

  2. I love Bryan's laugh! It is nice to see you relax and realize all is fine. Kids do not need perfection and isn't the word "enough" a funny word?

  3. You and Chris have done great. Bryan is one happy baby, and clearly is so loved....that is enough

  4. Love the list. In one year things sure do change. Everything in moderation, that includes vacuuming!