Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Looking up...

Time is passing so quickly and Bryan is growing like a weed!  It's hard to believe he's two months old today.  Happy mini-birthday, Nugget!  In honor of Bryan being two whole months old, and a celebration of me no longer being pregnant, I thought I'd just post some pictures for you.

So, here's Bryan between six and eight weeks old.
Bryan loves light fixtures and ceiling fans...when he looks up like that, it's hard to not look too!
This is one of my favorite pictures of "Looking Up!"

Somewhere there is a picture of me with a much bigger bear...but we look like twins!

So deep in thought

Nugget LOVES his bath

After we wash his head, we cover it up so he doesn't get cold!

He already looks smart

Can't help but wonder what he's thinking

I think that's almost a smile!!

He really wants to suck his thumb but can't seem to find it!

thumb search and rescue, take 2!

Abby the Beagle HATES it when Nugget cries.

Two words:  Cutie. Pie!

is there anything sweeter than tiny hands?

Working out those neck muscles with a little tummy time!


  1. OHHH my gosh Jenna!! HE is SOO Adorable!! and he has the face of a McFarlane FOR SURE!! omg is he not the spitting image of your pappa and brother? and PS your mom looks AMAZING!!! Cutest family ever award...I wondered how your doggie was doing with the new addition :)

  2. I agree that he looks like his grandpa and uncle.

    That is a wonderful picture of Bryan and your mom!

    Two months old, how can that be? The time goes by so quickly, enjoy ever moment.