Friday, June 29, 2012

I've been infected

...with Momma-itis.

I think it'something you catch during pregnancy and childbirth that turns your world upside down.  The symptoms include:  the overwhelming urge to speak in a sing-song voice, constant conversations about poop and other gross things, hearing so keen you think you hear a baby crying all the time, unquenchable thirst for playtime with your baby and an insatiable yearning for toothless grins.

But the most recent symptom caught me completely off guard.  I wasn't quite sure what to do about it.  It struck suddenly upon waking this morning and has been nagging persistently since 6:30 am.  This may be the worst of all the Momma-itis symptoms... There are six garage sales on our street and I feel an overwhelming need to check them out to see if they have any great kids stuff.  Seriously.  I must have it bad.  Until April 13, 2012, I DETESTED garage sales.  Now I am seeking them out.

I think the diagnosis is stage (almost) three (months) Momma-itis.  Apparently it's incurable and only gets worse with time.  I can think of worse things to suffer from :-)   Happy Friday!


  1. I just love that you have momma-itis! Doesn't it feel great!

  2. Boy oh boy are you in trouble! But, as you said, there are worse things to be inflected with...and one baby boy's out grown treasures are Bryan's for the picking. Actually, it is the best way to recycle baby things. Have fun, embrace the feelings, don't fight it, just go with the flow.

    Word of warning, Bryan will be a magnet for everyone on the block, so it may take longer to get through six garage sales as everyone will want to talk to him, smile at him and wait for his winning smile.

    1. There is absolutely no shame in any of this. I love every second of it and wouldn't change a thing. I have the cutest kid EVER!

  3. I wouldn't worry too much. It's probably brought on by the realization that each item of baby clothing is allowed a fleeting moment of baby use. Thus, buying "used" baby clothes/items isn't as bad as you once thought. Most of them look like new (and almost are!) We'll miss you next week!! XO