Thursday, January 20, 2011

Non-Resolution Date Night UPDATE

Ok, I am a slacker. But not really, just been neglecting the blog because of the INSANE amount of work on my plate. So, in a nutshell, dinner was fabulous! Four new recipes including two that I will definitely make again and one that I will alter to make better. Desert was OK, but by that point, we were over the dining room, retired the camera, had opened the second bottle of wine and were in comfy clothes. So, no pictures of desert. Sorry!

As for the reconnection, well, let's just say we need to work on those skills a little. It does not mean talking about how we'd alter recipes or wondering if his folks were having fun at the hockey game. At one point we were laughing pretty hysterically because we both work from home and make lunch together every day...we were thinking there was nothing left to say. But there always is...and we found it! It was wonderful to just be.

Here's how stuff looked: Oh, and Chris picked up the flowers for me! I have the best hubby in the world!The table set with the Three Onion Chowder and Parsleyed Oyster Crackers.
BTW, Chris set the table, hence the napkins on the wrong side! But at least he used real napkins and not paper towel.

The Three Onion Chowder was INCREDIBLE!! That will go in the rotation of weekend meals, and could probably be a meal in itself. I found the recipe here.
Yes, we read the Huffington Post. Not the point.

There is no way to take a picture of meat and have it look pretty, unless you are a professional, I suppose. The Steak Pinwheels were lackluster to say the least. I will hold on to that recipe and later it. The sun dried tomato and olive spread was really good, but maybe best served on the side rather than rolled up inside the meat. The potatoes, however, were absolutely divine! You have to like mushrooms, and it's a pretty rich dish, but holy catfish was it delicious! Here's the recipe. I wouldn't make a single change to it!!

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  1. The table looks wonderful, and how thoughtful of Chris to remember flowers.

    Napkin location is SO over rated.

    I checked out the recipes....they all sound wonderful. Mike and I love cooking with leeks. It is fun to "break the rules" from time-to-time and indulge one's appetite for great food, conversation and wine. Sounds like you hit a home-run on all counts.

    This is such a great idea.