Monday, August 12, 2013

back at it

I think I should do some research to figure out how many times I've started a blog or email with "it's been crazy around here."  I think I should accept that crazy is our version of normal.  

We are moving at warp speed around here.  Bryan is chatting up a storm.  A few real words (uh-oh, car, mom, dad, dog, ball) and a ton of pretend words.  Everything he doesn't have a word for has become a car.  At least he points up in the sky when he hears an airplane and says, "car car!"  Oh, and we get car car when the word he wants to say has two syllables.  I think that's pretty darn smart.

My job is keeping me on my toes in a lot of great ways. I still hate the travel part, but it's a small price to pay to be able to go for a run and/or hit the gym at lunch time and know that I can be home with Nuggs if he gets sick.  And speaking of sick (knock on wood...lots of it!), Bryan hasn't been really sick since we put the tubes in his ears!  BEST. DECISION. EVER!!  

He's getting a little dairy in his diet now.  We are giving him Pediasure in that real milk doesn't have the caloric density that he needs to fatten up a little.  By the end of July, the GI doc wanted Bry to weigh in at 21 lbs.  We showed up and he weighed in at 20 lbs, 14.5 oz.  Really.  We missed it by an ounce and a half.  If he would have just finished the banana before we left, we would have hit the goal.  I know he's growing like crazy.  He's out of his 18-month PJ's...they were too short and his feet too big.  So now he's swimming in 24-month PJs.  He hasn't outgrown anything else in that I had no summer clothes that fit him anyway.  He's finally growing into what we have, but most of the shorts are still too big.  That kid is perfectly proportionately skinny! With big feet.  Thankfully, they still seem to be "normal" rather than his dad's inherited 4-E width!  Keeping my fingers crossed that his feet stay longer than they are wide.

We have his 15-month check up tomorrow, on his 16-month birthday.  We waited an extra month so that we could see the GI doc before we did this follow up, then an extra week because I traveled last week and he needs more immunizations.  Chris was a little apprehensive to do that while I was out of town.  

And I am back in full swing in my training.  I have a 15k on October 6 (that's 9.3 miles) that fits perfectly in my training schedule for the half-marathon on October 20. There may be a few 5k races here and there, too, as fall weather takes over.  Over the summer, thanks to Lisa K., I realized that I have the potential to run a lot faster than I actually run.  I just don't push myself and I seem to get hung up on my darn Garmin watch. While I love the knowledge it gives me, I perform better if I don't have the instant feedback. So just go, and listen to my body, not the beeps.  Not rocket science but man, it sure is refreshing to know that I will not die if I run faster than a 12-minute mile.  How about a 10:45 minute mile.  Yep. I did that.  With a few more after that.  So, from now on, I'll turn my Garmin on and either wear it around my ankle so I can't see it, or stuff it in my run-belt.  I like the ankle idea...if it fits around my ankle, that is!

Ok, that's it.  I am excited for Bry's weigh-in tomorrow at the regular well-baby visit.  It's exactly two weeks after the GI weigh-in so we'll know if his growth trajectory is starting to correct itself or if we need to reevaluate.  My money is on trajectory correction!!    


  1. Thanks for the updates. Here's to a good weigh in and continued good runs....both for a healthy Bryan and on the pavement for you.

  2. Great news about Bryan. Some kids are just thinish. Our Kyle was like that and at 25 while he was skinny, he was healthy, now at 41, he is still in the lower percentile of weight for hs height, he is healthy.

    Wonderful news about your running. Glad to hear you learned something new on your "mom's initiated, play date". Haha.

    Have a great week, hugs around.