Friday, December 28, 2012

Whew! I made it...

It is 2:10 mountain time on Friday, December 28, 2012.  Today is the last work day of 2012 for me.  My very generous employer is giving us a full paid day off on December 31 when usually it's only a half-day.  I'll take it! Especially because I can say that I survived 2012 without taking a single vacation day!

The past 365 days have been a whirlwind for us.

It started in January with three business trips and a baby shower.

February followed with a business trip, a baby shower, and an overnight stay in the hospital.

March was a little more quiet as we readied ourselves for Bryan's arrival.

April kicked off with my birthday and eleven days later the birth of our son.

May was maternity leave whereby I cried through dinner, cried on the phone to my closest of friends, learned about the witching hour and the value of a baby swing.

June brought maternity leave to an end and daycare to a beginning (including a change in providers).  It also marked the passing of my last living grandparent.  I feel so fortunate to have had Bryan before she left this world.  She stuck around long enough to make some really great blankets for our little Nugget!  Thanks, Gram!

July was filled with visits from family and friends, an effort to sell our house, a broken air conditioner and a lesson in friendship.  Thanks Christie and Alan!

August gave us our first babysitter for Bryan (Ms. Ashley, we really do love you!), the house off the market, estimates on finishing the basement and my first client meeting requiring a business suit.  Ill-fitting as it was, it still worked!

September brought us a long trip to MI for work and time with family.  It also marked my first night away from Nuggs.  It was harder on me than on him.  And I didn't sleep a wink that night.  But I made it!

October celebrated our anniversary and my brother's wedding (which I missed and am still sad about).  We learned that Bryan doesn't have asthma (at least not yet) but still needs breathing treatments.  But he can sit up by himself!

November was Chris' first night(s) alone with Bryan.  It was only one night, but it was two bedtimes.  They both survived!  Bryan's first Thanksgiving in Rowland style with my family, Chris' family, and my cousin and two of his buddies.  It was a perfect day!  With contractors in our house for 3 1/2 weeks to finish our basement, it was completed without a minute to spare. The day after completion, my parents arrived and stayed in the new Grandparent Suite!

December.  Two nights for Bryan and Chris to play, and two nights away for me.  There was some fun had, but I was as sick as a dog so didn't get to enjoy much of it.  Chris' birthday came and went while I was gone, but he survived.  Bryan cut his first two teeth early in the month and is cutting the top two as I type.  We are hoping it goes fast in that we are all needing a good night's sleep.

There is so much to be proud of in 2012.  It has been an adventure.  And at times mentally exhausting with no end in sight.  There have been lessons learned and puzzles solved.  Belly laughs and crocodile tears.  Aches and pains, and miles of accomplishments.  And through it all, I can say that I made it. We made it.

May 2013 be as tremendous and triumphant as 2012 has been!


  1. Oh, what a year it has been. The good, the bad and the ugly....we embrace it all. We grow, we learn, and love and find peace. That is what life and loving is all about.

    Your "year-in-relieve" is wonderful. We are thankful that we are a little piece of that. We delight in watching Bryan grow. We were thrilled to be there to watch your brother, Shannon and the kids become a family. We missed you, Chris and Bryan,but understand.

    2013 will be a great year, and a year of wonderful new happenings along and with the river families. Can't wait until February to see you all.


  2. Sounds like a first year as a mother! :) Happy 2013!