Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It's the theme of the Rowland house this December.  Busy.  It started on Saturday, December 1.  On that day, my sole sister (Lisa) and I were finally able to lace up again for the first time since August 2011.  Between my pregnancy and baby and her pregnancy and baby, we overlapped enough to be out of it for more than a year.  Lisa had her third baby (a little girl) seven weeks ago and was just given the green light to start running.

We managed to limp out three and a half miles together.  We ran one and a quarter, walked one then ran the rest.  It was a wonderful day and we are both so glad to have our Saturday mornings together every week from now until half-marathon day in May with only a few exceptions.

Saturday night, Chris and I went to a University of Denver hockey game.  It's not the Red Wings, or even the NHL, but at least it was hockey.

Monday (yesterday), Bryan went back to the pediatrician and has another really bad ear infection.  So, last night was a big fat bummer.  He finally settled down around 11:30 pm and slept until morning.  Poor little guy.  And my poor washing machine.  The antibiotics will cause several blowouts daily.  I guess I'll have to go buy more onesies.  I refuse to scrub those suckers anymore.  It's just gross.

Today I am getting my ducks in a row to leave tomorrow for Dallas until Friday.  Oh, and Chris' birthday is Thursday and he's not happy about it.  Apparently caring for our son on his birthday while I am out of town did not make the list of "best birthday ever" criteria.  I don't really blame him, I guess.  So, to make up for it, here's what I am doing today:
I just finished baking four dozen of his favorite cookies
This afternoon I am making lasagna with a homemade bolognese sauce
I have to run to the store to pick up a bunch of birthday cards because I am hiding little gifts all over the house for him to find.  Gift cards to his favorite places so he can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the places he loves.

I am also headed to the Carters store to buy more PJ's for Nuggs.  He has only two jammies that fit him and even wearing them each twice doesn't leave a lot of room for error and/or forgetting to get the laundry started.

I get home on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning, Lisa and I are running the Ugly Sweater 5k. And Saturday night, we are headed downtown for Chris' birthday dinner.

Next Saturday we are going to see White Christmas at the Buell Theater downtown and on that Sunday our neighborhood is hosting a cookie exchange (ensue more banking) and then on the 21st Chris' parents fly in for the holiday.

I'll sleep in January, I guess.  But not on Saturdays when Lisa and I run and Nuggs has swimming lessons!  Holy catfish.  Why am I starting to get the feeling that weekends will be like this for the next 18ish years?  But I love every second of it!


  1. Tis the season:). Can Bryan have yogurt yet? Or probiotics? Either should reduce the blowouts. Re ears....taking after Grandpa Doug. Poor both of them and those they live with. Enjoy your trip:). ...and all the date nights!

  2. You will be busy for the next 18 years. Enjoy...when it is over you will miss it. It is so wonderful that you have date nights. Wish I was there to Bryan sit!!

  3. And so it begins.....and it never ends, well sort of ends, but you will miss all of this one day. Today enjoy all that family life offers.

    Glad to see you and Chris carving out time for yourselves, and each other.

    ps-toss the onesies, not worth trying to clean them.

  4. You are a good wife (and mamma!)