Monday, October 15, 2012

On the right track

In the past week, it seems like Bryan has grown much more quickly than in the 24 weeks leading up to this point.  He's almost sitting up unassisted now and is rolling all over the place.  One day he was SOOO close, and the next day there's no stopping the little guy.  Maybe he's finally on the mend!  Or maybe the fish face breathing treatments are making him feel so much better that he's willing to do more stuff. Regardless, we could not be happier and we are all having so much fun!


  1. A guy who knows to get what he wants...but don't tell him! Bryan there is no stopping you now!!

  2. Did you give him some kind of trick box with springs? :)

  3. Let the good times roll! Literally, changes will come on an hourly basis now. Cute videos.