Monday, October 8, 2012

Happiness is...

A crisp fall Saturday morning in sweatshirts with coffee.  

A snowy fall Saturday afternoon with family time and college football.

Being at home enjoying the endless smiles and coos from the sweetest little boy ever born.

Capturing on video your child getting (this) close to reaching a major milestone!

So maybe he's not the perfect specimen of health, but we believe you'd be hard pressed to find a baby happier than our little Nugget!  


  1. Go for it Bryan! Now the fun starts. You will have a hard time containing him now.

    I agree. He is the cutest and happiest baby ever!!

  2. oh-so-close! All you need to do is have Abby walk around and around Bryan and he will be over in no time.

    Darling video. He IS happy, and doesn't he just love his feet and hands, always there and always fun to play with.

  3. So adorable! Why can I only see this on my laptop and not on my iPad? I can't wait to see him .. and you again:)

  4. He is so adorable Jenna. Growing very fast. Hold on as he will only get busier from here. :)

  5. So close!! You might not want to encourage that. Next is crawling, then walking, then trouble!