Friday, August 17, 2012

Word to Your Mother

So, if you know where I got the title for this blog, you'll  like what I am going to post.  If you need the following explanation, well, you may not be interested.

"Word to Your Mother" is a lyric from the song "Ice, Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice (1990).  It was clean rap music for its day.  And occasionally will make my iPod play list.  I don't proclaim it to be good music, but it's fun.  And reminds me of the first time I ran two consecutive miles when I was in high school because I really wanted to fit into my purple jeans.  Who knew that almost 20 years later I'd have the same thought, only the jeans are red. I don't own them yet, but I've got my eyes on the prize!

Anyway, my incredibly wonderful, perfectly awesome, babby-daddy, husband sent me a link today with the note, "This one's for you!"  I thought it was going to be a bikini-clad beer commercial, but OOOOO NO!  It was this mother of a rap!  Happy Friday!


  1. THAT WAS GREAT! Thanks Chris for sending it to Jenna. Jenna thanks for sharing.

  2. OM Goodness, that was awesome. I'll be cleaning to that beat all day. Funny, but all the stuff they rap about is SOOOOO true. We moms have all said those words.

    Thanks guys for sharing.