Monday, August 6, 2012

Kid at heart

It's no secret that I am a kid at heart.  I love adventures, giggling, trying new things, making new friends, being silly, and anything Disney related.

And that hasn't changed now that I am a mommy.  Bryan and I have about 15 minutes in the car every morning.  He coos and plays with "the bug" attached to his car seat and cries at stoplights unless there's music on the radio.  It works out well since I am a chronic channel surfer in the car, always looking for that "sing along song" or a new upbeat song to add to my running playlist.  But sometimes my "kid at heart" music selections are of the not-so-kid-friendly variety.

There are a couple of fun songs right now that are featured in pop culture.  One is in an M&M commercial ("I'm Sexy and I Know It") and the other is a viral YouTube video that our hometown hero and Olympian, Missy Franklin and the US Swim Team ("Call Me Maybe") recorded on their way to London.

If you listen to the songs in full (not in the above links) the lyrics are NOT suited for children.  It got me thinking...maybe it's time to reprogram my favorites.  I do have a little country saved, as well as the Symphony channel, but that's not always what I am looking for in the morning.

I was actually a little embarrassed as I caught myself singing along to the song by LMFAO (the above "Sexy and I Know It.")  and if you have to ask what LMFAO is, it stands for "laughing my f-ing a-- off."  The lyrics include "I'm sexy and I know it" and worse, "I have passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it."  Ugh.  Unsave that station for sure!

Then, Manic Mommies blogged a video yesterday!  YAY!!  Where can I buy that CD?? Check out these  new versions:  I'm Elmo and I Know It, and my personal favorite, Share it Maybe


  1. Those are GREAT!! My girls like "Call Me Maybe", but they think it's about a girl with a hole in her pants that chases a boy around the playground (their words). We just listened to both of these - so much better! My favorite line "No shirt, no shoes, and I still get service." So funny!

  2. We actually do Zumba to those songs. But, for the kiddos there are so many fun tunes now. Daddy-a-go-go and Hullabalo our some of my boys favorites. let me know if you want more info.