Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lessons in Silence

What a perfect weekend. No plans left lots of time for us to just be us. Saturday was spent on our back porch in the shade, cooking a brisket and dodging thunderstorms. Two of them to be exact. But between storms we had some cocktails with chips and hummus and enjoyed quiet minute we had together. There was some talking, but more just gazing into the sky and scenery and appreciating the sounds and smells of a summertime neighborhood coming to life on a Saturday afternoon. It was perfect.

Sunday brought more quiet time in my head. I cleaned the house and enjoyed it so much I also cleaned out the pantry, under the bathroom sinks, under the kitchen sink, inside the freezer and refrigerator and any other closet that was on the "that's really starting to bug me list." No music, no TV, and no husband (he mowed the lawn then hibernated in the cool basement while I cleaned).

Being alone in my own head made for a perfect weekend. I made some to-do lists, appreciated the smells of cleaning, and just let my mind wander wherever it wanted to go until it just didn't want to go anymore. All that silence exhausted my mind and I have been sleeping like I haven't slept in weeks. Finally rested and starting the week off running! Who knew all I needed was a little mind-wandering time!

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