Saturday, December 12, 2009

The extra pay day

Back in the "olden days" I would get really excited for the two months a year that paid me an extra time. It always felt like it was "free"money! You know, the kind you haven't already spent!!

Today I have decided that it would be a lot easier if employers would just pay us twice a month and call it even.

This morning we are putting the finishing touches on our 2010 budget and are really excited about the plan and how we have been able to scale back so much during my unemployment. It's pretty remarkable that we have increased savings, decreased debt while 66% of my income was lost.

So over our budgeted for, brewed at home, Starbucks coffee we realized that our monthly budget took Chris' salary and divided by 12. Which, in theory, is correct. What I forgot is that in most months he is only paid twice and the above mentioned math "counts" those extra pays. Ugh.

Back to the drawing board. This afternoon we will work on the revised budget assuming we are only paid twice a month. In January and July when those "extra" paydays happen, it will just be money in the bank...literally!

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