Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Two pictures from five days

I will not be winning the mom of the year award for my picture taking during our trip to MI last week.  I managed two lousy iPhone photos during the entire visit.

A better trip update will follow. I am on the road again in sunny California and have a three hour drive ahead of me today. Right to the western edge of Death Valley.  SWEET!  It's supposed to be cooler there today. High around 109.  Good grief!

Bryan picked out a ball during our Target outing. He loved his new ball so much, he pitched a fit when I tried to put it in the seat next to him.  This is how he sat all the way from town back to the river.  What a kid!

Oh how my travels have changed.  This pocket used to have a bottle of water, an iPad and an iPhone.  Now it has water, a sippy cup, a zebra rattle, a Sohpie giraffe teething toy, a Dr. Seuss book and some graham crackers.

He was a great little traveler.  Slept all the way home and had no issues with time zones in either direction!!

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  1. What a trooper! He is such a wonderful boy, and he is ALL boy. Just loved that you shared him with the river families.

    Oh,and the pocket content, it will change MANY time over the years....wait until you have an athletic sports cup in that, or your purse.....I raised boys, I know!

    Such fun to have you guys here, but we missed Chris!