Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's the date today?

Seriously?  It's November 13?  That can't be right.  I mean, really...that's not right!  I have realized that as I get older, time goes by faster. Even on those days when it seems time is standing still.  The hours can seem long, but the days pass so quickly.

Today, one of our client support reps emailed a client of mine in an effort to fix a technological hiccup the client was experiencing.  It was a list. I quickly thanked the support guru and let him know how great I thought the email was...especially the list part.  His response to me was, "Sometimes people just need a list or it all looks like a heavy fog of crazy, so they don't know where to start."  Brilliant!

With that, here's the list of Rowland happenings in the past week!

1.  My business trip went really well. I left with strep throat and returned with a double ear infection.  I was a mess but the presentation was outstanding.  In my boss' words, I "knocked it out of the park!"  That will make me feel better all day long!!
2.  Bryan is totally on the mend.  I actually think the antibiotic for his double ear infection helped with the chronic cough.  We see the pulmonologist on Thursday and are hoping for a clean bill of health!
Sleeping in his swing. We've learned that if we give
Nuggs a blankie, he will cuddle up and sleep!
3.  Chris and Nuggs survived their first night home alone together.  And by survived, I really mean that it was business as usual for Bry and Chris got a taste of the routine.  Next up, two or three nights for my company Christmas party.  Maybe.
4.  Bryan is 7 months old today.  Seven months.  How is that possible?  This week he's found his voice and is working on perfecting the most ear-piercing scream/screech you've ever heard.  Super cute, really funny and somewhat annoying all at the same time!  And I love every second of it!
5.  Our basement and office conversion projects will be finished on Thursday.  Yes, Thursday as in the day after tomorrow.  Holy catfish!  The bed and stuff will be delivered on Friday.  I can't believe how incredible it's looking.  In approximately 48 hours, there will not be strange men jumping in and out of the window wells in our basement anymore!  No more Russian Boris and his Johnny Cash music.  No more electricians with wicked senses of  humor (I think this guy's been zapped a time or two!), no more painters who think they communicate better with bi-lingual employees by talking loud enough Helen Keller could hear them.  Seriously.  Spanish is not a synonym of deaf.  I promise. Look it up! 
6.  My parents will be here on Saturday and my in-laws on Tuesday (a week from today).  They each get three nights in the new Grandparent Suite.  How cool is that?  We are all so excited we can hardly stand it!
7.  I am listening to Christmas music.  Because I can.  If the hours are long but the days so short, I want to enjoy every one of these "first Christmas with the baby" days.  And if that means I get a few extra, so be it.  Besides.  Christmas music makes me extra happy.

Happy 7 month birthday, Nuggs! Abby was too tired to play.


  1. I love your blogs. AND the picture of Nuggs asleep is so darn cute. We cannot wait to see him and his parents on Saturday. A good time will be had by all for the Thanksgiving week...our first with grandchildren.

  2. Hooray for it all! I'm going to follow your lead and listen to Christmas music too. I've almost done it twice, but thought...no...too early. Forget it. Only Srooge would say "too early!"

  3. Have a great time with the grandparents:). Please post pictures of the new rooms. So glad you are both on the mend. Great pics and enjoy the Christmas spirit whenever and where ever it strikes.

  4. All those fun "firsts". Love that fact that Abby is sitting right there taking care of Bryan.

    I just knew Daddy would be just fine, he is so enamored with Bryan, it shows on his face.

    And then there is the blanket....best thing ever. Kyle and Chris' girls all still have them. Ellie is 7 so she doesn't carry it around, but still takes comfort in knowing it is in her bed. Josie goes between HER blanket and her mom's youth blanket at bedtime. Allison knows her blanket and while she was good about giving up her pacified, the blanket will be another story.

    Enjoy every moment with your extended families. So glad for you that the suite and office project is over and is wonderful. I am with you on getting the extra guys out of the house, yeah!

    Hugs from the river front.