Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Two more darks until...

...Bryan's first plane ride
...My first non-maternity leave day off since 2011
...Bryan meets his Uncle Garren and Aunt Shannon
...Grandma Penny and Grandpa Doug (I think we need to call him something different, that's weird) see Bryan laugh in person for the first time
...We get a much needed change in scenery

So to tide everyone over for two more darks, here are some recent pictures of our little Nugget!

He loves his toys! Especially Sophie the Giraffe  that's made for chewing. 

Sophie and smiles while in NASA (that's what we call his bouncy thingie)

Bryan hearts Sophie!


  1. Can't wait either. The River families are hungry for a sighting or sound of the Nugget!. Ok, REALLY can't wait to hug his parents either!

  2. He's gotten SO BIG!! Holy cow. Sorry we'll miss you guys. Way too much going on around here. Safe travels. (By this time, I think you're on your way home.) Well...safe travels anyway! XO