Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I love puzzles, untying knots, story problems and algebra.  I think that makes me a good Mom.  Just when I think I have Bryan figured out, he changes.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE every second of it.

Bryan is home with me this week, my first week back at work.  Thankfully, I work from home.  And my job is crazy busy beginning at the first of the month and continuing for the next two to three weeks.  The last few days of a month are always pretty quiet so it worked out nicely.  Bryan is on a nice 3-4 hour feed/wake/sleep cycle and is only awake for about 45 minutes of it.

This morning we were a little behind schedule and I was stressing a little bit about being late for work while Bryan was having his morning playtime.  But then I got this on video:

He's so stinking cute.  And that's when everything falls into perspective.  Who cares if I am 15 minutes late for work.  Nothing in my life is more important than this little Nugget.  And he will only be six weeks and four days old once.  And that's today.  Tomorrow, he will be another day older and more than likely discovered that the thumb that keeps accidentally landing in his mouth is actually attached to his own hand.

So, for today, I will start my day with a cup of coffee and this:

Work can wait.  


  1. Mini-you is such a cutie...and his momma is making very good choices:)

  2. What a cute smile Bryan has. I hope to bring many smiles to him when I see you on Sunday.

  3. OMG, he is just so sweet. Hold on to every moment you can. Such a cute smile. The changes will be hourly from now on!

    So happy for the three of you.

  4. I love hearing your mama voice Jenna :) Its so full of happiness :) He is a cutie pie!!

  5. I'd have to go with watching him is much better than work. He's pretty darned cute! :)