Sunday, April 29, 2012

And just like that...

It's just us.  The three of us.  Me, Chris and our  perfect little Nugget, Bryan.  I knew it would be love at first sight, but I had no idea the magnitude with which I would love him.  Much like The Grinch on Christmas morning, my "heart grew three sizes that day..."  Mom and Dad left for home today and it was emotional, to say the least.  It's never easy, but this trip was especially difficult.  It was so wonderful having them here for Bryan's first 2 weeks, and to be there an hour after he was born.  I wish we lived closer.

It's hard to believe how much Bryan has changed in just 16 days.  He's gained more than a pound already, is in a wonderful 3-4 hour feeding/sleeping cycle at night, and 2-3 hours during the day.  He's also grown out of the newborn diapers and outfits already and is creating a load of laundry (or two) a day!  The hardest part is not spending every waking moment NOT staring at him and watching him explore his new world. We joke, but so far, Bryan's best friend is the ceiling fan in our living room.  He's absolutely enamored with it.  It's cute.

I have so much to say about our new little family and all it's glory and will try to send some updates this week during the nap times...unless I sneak a nap myself :-)  So, in the meantime, some much awaited photos.

only minutes old.  He's so little!

Proud Daddy


Bryan showing his "love" for Babies R Us.  BTW, that's how Chris sits when he's tired!!

Have you ever seen more proud grandparents?

Saturday, April 28.  15 days old.  Man am I in love with him!

His frist adventure in the bouncy seat...look how tiny he is.

in the hospital. 

coming home

15 hours old.  And I hope that expression is one that lasts forever in his world. 

Unposed.  The only instruction was, "Dad, give baby a kiss."  Bryan reached up on his own.  That's love.


  1. AAAHHHHH...thanks for sharing. Every parent now has a teary eye. Welcome to parenthood:)

  2. Ditto Kellie and Sue, I know I needed a tissue. Can't wait to hear your parent's stories and hopefully see more pictures.

  3. Yep, crying. The last one is beautiful!