Friday, November 18, 2011

Throwing up the Sash

Chris and I have been together for seven Thanksgivings and have spent every one of them together with his family, and all but two have been in our  home. I always get excited, but this year is different and I can't really explain why.  Thanksgiving is a BIG holiday in the Rowland family.  Maybe the biggest.  I am so stinking excited for the entire holiday season that I just can't sit still.  I hate to admit this part, but I am already listening to Christmas music and have painted my nails the most festive color of reddish-pink that I can tolerate!

My excitement for the holidays is absolutely uncontainable.  Maybe it's the whole "I'm gonna have a baby" thing. Maybe it's because I know this is the last year that I have to celebrate Christmas without a legitimate visit to Santa (I love him!!).  The reason doesn't really matter.  The fact is that I am really excited and really happy, and isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Chris happened to be folding laundry in the bedroom portion of my office while I was listening to XM Holiday Traditions this week.  While he was in there I heard a man reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  When he got to the part of "...then out on the lawn arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.  Away to the window I flew like a flash.  Tore open the shutter and threw up the sash."  I added, "I guess I shouldn't have eaten so much sash" and burst out laughing.

My husband thought I had officially lost my mind.  I didn't make it up.  It was on a Christmas card that Grandma Melanie either received or gave, or something.  But regardless, I think she reused it EVERY year...she may have bought a million of them, I don't know for sure, but I am pretty sure it was her favorite!  And it was a perfect Christmas memory.  Family, do all of you remember that too?

So, with that, whether you like this or not, I will break out the first MERRY WOOLEY of the season!


  1. And Merry Wooley to you too! We are so excited to be in your home for Thanksgiving this year. What a wonderful time we will have.
    Grandmas brother Charles Pety sent that sash card to her many years ago. We all loved it. I wish I had that card now. AND... we are having a grandson!

  2. Ahhh!! Im sure part of the excitement is the new bundle you have "cooking" ;) Its just such a crazy, fun, amazing place to be ( preg at the holidays) with all of the "wow, next year at this time we will be??" and then, before you know it, you have a toddler, running around naked screaming "Santa is bringing me a pirate Fip dis yeeah" ;) Muah!

  3. Merry Wooley! It must be in the air, I'm giddy excited this year too. (Although mine is due to the "we're going to Disney" surprise we have in the works!) Rub that baby belly for me!